Prostate Massage in Hong Kong

Have you ever wondered what a Prostate Massage is? Here we specialize in sexy Erotic Massages with Prostate stimulation.  Some men find that prostate stimulation gives them a much higher level of sensual pleasure during orgasm.   The prostate is located about 2-3 inches inside the anal canal.   

This gland is a very important part of men’s sexual vitality as it secretes sex hormones creating their sex drive.  Using a protective glove and using slow movements to start, your masseuse will work to improve circulation activity and re-energize your prostrate releasing stagnant energy.  

Sex hormones created by the prostrate create a man’s sexual life force.   As men age, older men need to improve circulation in order to keep the prostate healthy working effectively.

As men reach the age of 50 or older, they can be afflicted by prostasis, an inflammation of the prostate, as it starts to slow down due to reduce sexual activity.   Doctors advise men over 50 to actually get hand relief or sexual intercourse relief in order to keep the prostate active.  Frequent Erotic Massage with Prostate Stimulation is a prefect prescription for improving your sex drive.   Book one today with one of our experienced masseuses.  Add role play or dark tantra to enhance the experience even more.  

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