Book a 4 Hands Massage in HK

"Four Hands Massage in Hong Kong"


What does is meant by 4 hands massage?   It is a really rich luxurious experience, of two gorgeous ladies working in a special synchronized way that is in complete harmony with your energy.  Their hands work in tandem to bring you magical feelings of excitement! You can choose two of your favorite masseuses from the gallery and they will both massage you together, at the same time. 

Experience the ultimate, as the pleasure is doubled!  Many fantasize about it, and others do it!   Treat yourself to one of life’s great experiences.  Allow yourself to let go and feel like a king, while our girls caress and lovingly adore your body.  Book a 1 hour, 90 minutes or two hours session for in-call at our private apartment, or out-call to your private residence or your hotel.


You can select various massage combinations to suit your needs.  Maybe you have had a long hard week and need to unwind by unloading the stress.   As mind and body work together, we work on your muscular tension first to ease out any knots, aches and pains. Then slowly we work with our special, creative hands on sensual and erogenous areas which can include, inner thighs, front and back of your body, genital area, stomach, legs, and buttocks.  Prostrate massage is an option, as well.  The teasing of the whole body is seen as a potential erotic zone to explore, finding new areas that you didn’t know would be pleasurable, sensual or potentially erotic.  All feelings are felt through our skin as it is one of the biggest sexual organs of humankind! 

The build up and excitement of the four hands has a fantastic sense of butterflies and the most sensational experience can be just a phone call away!

Are you feeling adventurous and want to try it, nows the time?! Get the four hands massage experience now! it really is different with two beautiful naked girls one on either side of you, this is sure heavenly bliss! Let your dreams become a reality! Live life to the full, cherish every moment, as the energy is now!

Booking the Four Hands Massage Experience

A massage that will make your toes curl and you will tingle inside for days! what lovely memories too when you remember it! Isnt that what life is about?! we can perform these on men, women or couples too!


Tantric Massage in Hong Kong

Enjoy a Tantric Massage in its authentic form, while fully naked, with original techniques.  Our fully qualified and expert masseuses have the ability to bring the best in sensual arousal.  This is a journey of the senses incorporating delicate touch in ways not soon forgotten.   

Open your mind and allow yourself to drift into our world of pleasure. Explore your inner sensual capacities, while enjoying more pleasure, for an even longer time, than you anticipated. The secret is in our experienced hands that deliver time honored techniques in sensual pleasure, passed down, over the centuries, by massage masters. Book one of our Tantric massages to experience and explore sensual pleasure like never before.Text to make it yours.

Tantric Massage can be both a spiritual and emotional journey which can benefit you in a number of ways.  Even though it dates back thousands of years, the traditions are still in use today.   The Western world, in particular, has been exploring this type of massage which partly explains its resurgence in popularity.   You owe it to yourself to experience this mind opening, sensual discovery.