What is a 4 Handed Massage?


Sometimes people just need to pamper themselves. A massage is a great way to pamper, but have you ever thought about getting a 4 handed massage? Yes you heard right, a 4 handed massage.


A 4 handed massage is exactly what it sounds like. You get the pleasure of having two massage therapists working on your body at once! One massage therapist, might work on your right side, and one on your left. Or maybe one is doing the top half of your body, like your neck, back, head and arms. And the second massage therapist is working on your legs and feet.


If each massage therapist is working on one side of your body (right and left) they mirror each other’s movements. So you might feel the 4 hands close to each other on your back, which can give for a pretty amazing sensation! Like a regular massage, the client can request special attention to certain areas that may be bothering them more.  Usually one massage therapist will take the lead, and the other one will follow the movements. It also helps if the two massage therapists have a similar style and touch to make it feel almost like one person.


Many people enjoy this type of massage because it is extremely relaxing and they enjoy the sensation of being pampered. It may take some time to get used to the sensation of two people working on your body at once. It also requires good communication between the client and the therapists. If you are more of a modest person, you might be slightly uncomfortable because the draping tends to be a bit more limited than a regular massage. Although you can always wear undergarments or clothing if you so desire.